CTD Security

Security solutions for your work and home

At CTD Security, we know that safety and security are paramount, whether you’re at home or work. We believe in creating a world where everyone feels safe to exercise their most fundamental freedoms. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the most reliable and trustworthy security solutions for your home or office. 

Protection against intruders, fires, water & more for every window, room and door

We’ll work with you to install our top-notch security system that does more than just protect against burglars and intruders. We’ll also place sensors on every window and door that can detect fires, water damage, carbon monoxide, and more—because a true emergency is more than just someone breaking into your house.

People Behind Us

It takes two flints to make a fire

Behind every great company is a strong team, and ours has proven time and time again that they’re up to the challenge. Whether building new features or researching new threats, our team is always working to make CTD Security the best it can be. Because of that dedication, we’ve grown and expanded into a comprehensive solution that’s trusted by thousands of users.

The innovation that keeps you safe

CTD Security brings you the highest quality technology, integrated case management, and manufacturing efficiency.